About Me

Well, the internet has led you to a student and aspiring game designer's blog. There must be a reason for this and you should read on to learn more about Thomas Myrick.

My creative career started in Georgia just outside the sprawl of Atlanta. Without the internet all I had was my SNES and creative writing. Eventually I got my teenage hands on some canvas and it sparked the desire to become an artist. At twenty-six years old, I wanted to make sure I made a profession of art for the rest of my life. I began attending Full Sail University for a bachelors in game design.

Why attend a school for games design? Creating video games are a means to an end for me. A lot of skills go into creating video games - all of which I want to master through my life-long career as an artist. I was bit by the game design bug after I found Unreal Tournament 2k4 for the PC. Once I discovered you could make your own levels with the included tools, game design seemed less like voodoo and more like a real future for me.

Just because I consider myself an artist it doesn't mean I shy away from technical skills like programming. Currently, I am working on a drum sequencer project under Max for Ableton Live which is a visual programming API. Ever since working with analogue synths and circuit bending (that was thing, remember?) I have always wanted to make my own sequencer. While I wouldn't put myself above the title 'scripter' while working with C# in Unity it is bound to change soon.

Writing is the bedrock of creativity for me. When I was younger I wrote free prose, sonnets and short stories everywhere. I never submitted them to win awards; the act of making was enough. After crafting them I would look to the next idea. Recently I have written a script for a small VR project that I plan to implement for my creative portfolio. You can read it here.

I most look forward to working with a team which I can build something with. I put an emphasis on building since I don't want to climb a career ladder or even find a safe job. I am at a point in my life where I am not adverse to risk as much as the next person. Building a rich and rewarding experience is what I want to advance with the art I help create.

I have plans to attend graduate school. Until then, I am working on a couple prototypes for both analog and video games.

Thanks for taking the time to view my bio. If you are a game developer I would love to pick your brain. Contact me at tmyrick912@fullsail.edu or on twitter @ThomasMGameDev